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Simple Fit Lighting Sensor Photocell Surface 6A K5016

Simple Fit Lighting Sensor Photocell - 6A

A cost effective solution for presence detection for lighting control in small areas. This one-box control is simple to install and program without the need for additional tools or parts.



  • Passive infrared for presence detection
  • Loading up to 6 Amps (1500w)
  • 360 degree detection
  • 6m range
  • External programming for quick and simple adjustments to time and lux levels
  • Surface Mounted
  • Includes screw and plug fixings, can be mounted direct to ceiling
  • The off delay is adjustable between 5 seconds and 40 minutes from when movement was last detected
  • Dimensions - Flush: 76mm x 86mm Surface: 86mm x 86mm x 54.5mm